Estate Planning


Handling The Task Of Estate Planning

In my old age, I try to avoid thinking about death, but I know that eventually it will happen to me. I remember when one of my great uncles died, there was a dispute over who would get his assets.


He didn't have any children, he wasn't married, he didn't have a will and didn't do any estate planning with an Austin estate planning attorney. He never even mentioned by word of mouth how he wanted to have his assets divided.


After a bit of arguing, our family finally came up with a way to divide the assets. I wanted to avoid having something like that happen with my family, so I planned my estate. Much like my great uncle, I also don't have any children. I used to be married, but that was any years ago, and I would rather my ex-wife not get any of my assets.


I contacted a lawyer to help me with the estate planning process. He helped me create a will, and I selected an executor to take care of my instructions in the will. I decided to divide everything between my nieces and nephews, because I always thought of them as the children I never had. I have faith that they'll take care of everything.


Estate Planning is Essential

If you want to make sure that your loved ones are taken care of when you die, then estate planning is a must. Don't assume that your wishes will be honored after your death. If you have not prepared yourself for the future then you will find that the law could take a rather different stance on what should happen than what you want - that's why estate planning is a must.


It will help you to get the peace of mind that your assets will go to the right person, and that the tax treatment will be fair.





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